About Brainalyzed

Brainalyzed is an artificial swarm intelligence platform, the first of its kind, built to outperform man-made models. Vision of the team gathered around Brainalyzed is to open the possibilities of the AI to every organization, by significantly lowering the barriers of entry for this fascinating technology. Having the innovative solution, based on artificial intelligence, requires futuristic, high performing, well documented web and mobile presentation.

Our role

During our first discussions and meetings with Brainalyzed team, we realized that we realized that our view towards the tech implementation is fully aligned with Brainalyzed team. Our interests and experience with JAM stack matched the Thomas’ (CTO of Brainalyze) proposition. Gatsby.js, static site generator based on React, would be responsible for the front-end, while Netlify CMS would handle the back-end and content management.

Tech stack

Why Gatsby.js? Following the best practice we used in our previous projects, static site rendering was the recommended solution. Performance, security, mobile support and SEO are the main points of our focus, when we approach new project. Gatsby.js is a framework based on React that offers everything needed for a call-to-action website by Brainalyzed. Possibility of cohesion with Netlify CMS into one ultimate system is definitely, the greatest advantage of the framework.

Netlify CMS is the new player in the world of open source content management systems. Being new has some downsides such as: very limited set of enabled features, lack of documentation and a need for custom implementation of any custom functionality defined during the design phase. We had the possibility to try working with popular solutions like WordPress and Drupal, however we went for Netlify CMS, to match our envisioned plan and requirements, for a blazing fast solution as a presentation for the platform. By using it,  gained:
Speed - Netlify CMS is based on React, using GraphQL queries and mutations to get and alter the data, increasing the speed of the data load.
Easier build process - While you already could host your JS applications on Netlify servers, now there is a possibility to host whole CMS solution. Netlify has an easy connection with our preferred CI tool GitLab, and runs build process for you. In this way, your project can keep using GitLab pipelines for testing, with Netlify taking care of the build process reducing the time from your commit to seeing changes online.
Smaller size, better performance - Compared to PHP open-source systems, Netlify CMS is a lot smaller.
No additional setups - Evade having to setup the database, your content is being served through markdown syntax Free SSL


Regarding the content, we had a challenge in front of us. Considering the fact that Brainalyzed team is located in Germany, with the idea of having a global impact, there was a requirement to provide multilingual content to the end-users. This might sound like a usual requirement, but the problem is that this functionality is not natively supported. Netlify CMS is still young and does not provide this functionality out of the box, we decided to rely on React and create custom Netlify CMS plugin to keep static page rendering with SEO intact even when the language is switched.